I’ve often wondered what causes, or at least contributes, to the predominance of right-wing discourse in Britain. For a while I felt this probably just represented the views of the people. I left it at that.

But more recently I’ve come to feel something different. Our views, that influence our political alliances, hardly seem organic to the human condition. Particularly as the majority of what become issues to vote on, the average voter has never had direct exposure to. Instead this, to me, seems far more based on what we think of authority.

People are free to think whatever they want to think. Views cannot be dictated, but the range of opinions widely available undoubtedly have an effect. If you look at the balance of media present in Britain, the majority swing to the right.

Its at this point that the ‘be the change you want to see’ trope comes to mind. So I’m setting up Antelope. I don’t want to confuse the purpose of this blog, so I shall be establishing a separate blog. I’m aware that this potentially contributing to the ‘echo chamber’ effect of online discussion, but better to contribute to the discussion than not.

Here’s to hoping I can get a catchy URL!


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