It seems you’ve managed to fall down just the right internet hole to land on this beautiful little creation of mine, Things I’ve Learnt, something I’ve been intending to do for a while now. Depending on when you’re reading this I’ll either have nothing posted or (fingers-crossed my future self sticks to this!) they’ll be a whole host of themed posts for you to scroll through.

The purpose of this blog is simple, its about my life and the lessons I’m taking from it each day. When thinking about putting this together I was reminded of what my primary school sweetheart’s father used to say each morning, “As long as you learn one thing, just one thing, everyday…”. I’m sure he went on to say something meaningful to quantify that advice that my 10 year old brain just didn’t process, but the idea has stuck with me. Our entire lives are a learning process, right up to our last breath. I intend to document these lessons and yes this will be highly personal but I feel that it is important, if only for me.

But what can you expect from this blog? Well I’m not sure how often these posts will be but I am to post each week/fortnight depending on how much time life affords me :’)

I’m also contemplating a podcast form of the stuff I talk about so if whenever you have arrived here (hello future people) drop a comment below saying if you’d be up for that or not!



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